Periodontal Referrals

At Hartog Dental, we specialise in providing comprehensive periodontal care led and carried out by our Specialist Periodontist, Dr. Maria Evangelidou. Our dedication to excellence ensures your patients receive the best possible outcomes for their oral health.

Making a Perio Referral

To make a patient referral, simply use our the online referral form.


By choosing Hartog Dental, Hampshire’s leading specialist referral centre, for your referrals, you can trust that your patients are in the hands of compassionate professionals who are experts in in periodontal treatment.

Comprehensive Periodontal Referrals

Wide range of Periodontal Treatments Offered including

Periodontal Diseases: Diagnosis, treatment and maintenance options for various stages of gum disease.
Gum Recession and Grafting (Muco-Gingival Plastic Surgery): Restorative techniques to combat gum recession and enhance gum health.
Gum Disease Around Implants (Peri-Implantitis): Specialist treatments to address and manage complications around dental implants.
Gingival Veneers: Aesthetic solutions for the revitalization of the gum’s appearance.
Crown Lengthening Surgery: Procedures to correct and enhance an uneven gum line or gummy smile.
Dental Implants: Expert implant placement with a focus on periodontal health for lasting success.

A Collaborative Approach: We believe in the power of collaboration. Our goal is to work closely with you, offering our expertise to complement your own and ensure that your patient receives the best possible care.

Seamless Communication: Clear, timely communication is the cornerstone of our referral service. We provide detailed reports and are always available for follow-up consultations, ensuring that you have all the information you need to proceed with your patient’s care plan confidently.

Making a Referral is Easy

Referring a patient to Hartog Dental for periodontal treatment is straight forward. Simply fill out our online referral form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Periodontal Referrals

By choosing Hartog Dental as your Periodontal referral partner, you’re joining a team of dental specialists dedicated to elevating patient care through collaboration and innovation.


Your patient will receive detailed information about the procedure during their consultation and will be provided with a written treatment plan outlining all their treatment options, costs and the expected number of appointments, ensuring their informed consent.

We accept referrals in non-surgical and surgical periodontics including periodontal plastic surgery, regeneration therapy, crown lengthening procedures and dental implants.

All referred patients will have a thorough initial consultation which will involve a complete clinical and radiographic examination and full report and quote of costs, all of which will be sent to the referring dentist as well the patient. Further reports will be sent at the end of each course of treatment in order to keep keep both dentists and patients fully informed.

We strictly adhere to providing treatment only for what the patient has been specifically referred for. We value our partnership with referring dentists and are committed to a collaborative treatment approach.



Referring your patients to Hartog Dental for Periodontal treatments ensures that together we can tackle a wide range of oral health issues as well as complex dental care with confidence.

By referring periodontal treatments to Hartog Dental it provides you with the freedom to perform the dental procedures you enjoy and love the most while also ensuring that your patients receive excellent care at all times.

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