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  • What to expect from professional teeth whitening.

    Have you have decided to whiten your teeth, but are unsure which method to use to achieve your brighter smile? These days, thanks to modern science, there are so many options available to the consumer when it comes to teeth whitening, that choosing the type of treatment can appear to be a difficult decision to make.  You should only ever go to a registered dental practitioner for teeth whitening as whitening by…


    All three of our practices are open for those patients who feel they can get to us safely.

  • Fabulous, scrumptious pancakes that don’t pack in the sugar.

    The year is flying past and already we’re eating pancakes.  The only requests from my children have been for a certain, famous chocolate spread and bananas to accompany their delicious, hopefully wafer thin pancakes.  But, when we are all trying to cut back on sugar, what else can we choose this Shrove Tuesday to tempt us away from the traditional toppings? I have been searching and have come up with what I…

  • How to practice mindfulness whilst sitting in the dentist’s chair

    According to the NHS, one in four of Britons suffer from the fear of dentistry. Fear is a crucial emotional response (you may know it as our ‘flight or fight’ reaction), that protects us from danger. It’s what saved us in the past from being eradicated by sabre toothed tigers, but as fear is an involuntary emotion, it can sometimes creep up at inconvenient times. We all know that we have…