Prosthodontic Referrals


We are delighted to offer you and your patients a private referral clinic dedicated to providing high quality Prosthodontic services tailored to meet the needs of your patients.


In some cases with prior approval adhering to the NHS criteria we are also able to provide a specialist prothodontic referral service for NHS treatment. You can make your electronic application via the IFR Dental Electronic Referral Service

You might also want to share with your patients the NHS Guidance for patients. For any enquires or guidance regarding the Rego NHS application please contact Danielle Oliver at Hartog Dental who will happily help you.

Prosthodontics, also known as dental prosthetics or prosthetic dentistry, is the specialist area of dentistry that focuses on restoring natural teeth or placing a natural looking substitute to replace missing teeth or parts of the mouth.

Our dedicated specialist prosthodontists, deliver a wide spectrum of treatments including splints, partial and complete dentures, implant-retained dentures, full mouth rehabilitation for wear or occlusal problems aswell as veneers crowns, crown lengthening bridges, and onlays.

Additionally, we specialise in cosmetic procedures such as composite bonding, white, orange or brown spot removal, veneers, and advanced tooth whitening proceedures. Our expertise extends to addressing tooth wear stemming from acid erosion, over-brushing, or tooth grinding/clenching (bruxism).

At Hartog Dental (Hampshire’s Leading Referral Centre), we utilise state-of-the-art equipment including intra-oral scanning, digital planning, cone beam CT scanning, and an operating microscope to ensure precise and effective treatment outcomes for your patients.

Discover how our specialist prosthodontic services can benefit your patients, offering them enhanced oral health and aesthetics with the utmost care and professionalism.

Making a Prosthodontic Referral

To make a patient referral, simply complete and submit the online referral form for seamless referrals and unrivaled Prosthodontic care, making life as easy as possible for your patients.

At Hartog Dental, patients have the opportunity to either self-refer or be referred by their primary dentist, exclusively on a private basis or via the Rego DERS system . As Hampshire’s leading specialist referral centre we provide Prosthodontic’s to patients referred by dentists like you. Our team provide exemplary high-end dental care in a relaxed setting with care and compassion.

Prosthodontic referrals

Duaa would welcome your referrals for all aspects of prosthodontics. Including being able to treat your NHS patients using Individual Funding Requests (IFRs) which we can assist with.

Why Should You Refer to a Prosthodontist?

Our aim is that when you make a referral to our prosthodontist you not only can be assured that your patients are in the very safest hands but that you personally also gain a valued colleague who dedicates their time specifically to prosthodontic treatments and needs.

Certain cases require specialised knowledge and expertise that go beyond a general dentists scope of practice. By referring Prosthodontic treatments to Hartog Dental it provides you with the freedom to perform the dental procedures you enjoy and love the most while also ensuring that your patients receive excellent care at all times.

Prosthodontic study evenings

Throughout the year, we host a sequence of prosthodontics study sessions, where you’ll have the opportunity to share experiences and a lovely exchange of knowledge with Duaa Turani our in house prosthodontic specialist and Restorative Consultant. We would love you to join us!

View upcoming events

Prosthodontic Study Club - Hartog Dental

Some examples of cases managed in a recent Prosthodontic study evening hosted by Duaa




Your patient will receive detailed information about the procedure during their consultation and will be provided with a written treatment plan outlining costs and the expected number of appointments, ensuring their informed consent.

After the completion of the Prosthodontic treatment, your patient will be referred back to you for ongoing general dental care. Both patients and referring dentists can reach out to us with any questions or concerns before, during, or after the prosthodontic procedure.

We strictly adhere to providing treatment only for what the patient has been specifically referred for. Our treatments utilize state-of-the-art equipment including CBCT Scans, Operating Microscope and a variety of modern prosthodontic techniques.

Following the consultation, each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, ensuring clarity about the required procedures and associated costs. Treatment options may vary based on clinical necessity and individual preferences.

We offer a wide array of services to you and your patients, including

  • Restorative Dentistry – crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays
  • Aesthetic Dentistry – composite bonding, veneers, tooth whitening, internal bleaching, smile design
  • Removable denture cases and difficult denture cases
  • Complex restorative cases such as failing dentitions, tooth wear, mixed cases involving conventional restorative work and implants
  • Issues concerning occlusion
  • Removal of un-erupted and impacted teeth
  • Patients who require treatment under IV sedation
  • Treatment for TMD and bruxism

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