Root Canals / Endodontic Referrals


We are delighted to offer you and your patients a private referral clinic dedicated to providing high quality root canal treatments (endodontics) throughout Hampshire.

Making a Endodontic Referral

To make a patient referral, simply complete and submit the online referral form for seamless referrals and unrivaled endodontic care, making life as easy as possible for your patients.

At Hartog Dental, patients have the opportunity to either self-refer or be referred by their primary dentist, exclusively on a private basis. As Hampshire’s leading specialist endodontic referral centre we provide advanced root canal treatment and surgery to patients referred by dentists like you. Our team of highly skilled Endodontists together with our committed and compassionate staff provide exemplary high-end dental care in a relaxed setting.


Your patient will receive detailed information about the procedure during their consultation and will be provided with a written treatment plan outlining costs and the expected number of appointments, ensuring their informed consent.

After the completion of the endodontic treatment, your patient will be referred back to you for final restoration and ongoing general dental care. Both patients and referring dentists can reach out to us with any questions or concerns before, during, or after the endodontic procedure.

We strictly adhere to providing treatment only for what the patient has been specifically referred for. Our treatments utilize state-of-the-art equipment including CBCT Scans, Operating Microscope, Rubber dam and a variety of modern endodontic techniques.

We offer a wide array of services to you and your patients, including

  • Primary endodontic treatments
  • Retreatment cases
  • Handling complex cases with unique anatomies
  • Addressing sclerosed or blocked canals
  • Locating extra canals
  • Removing posts and fractured instruments when possible
  • Repairing perforations
  • and managing ‘hot’ pulps.

Following the consultation, each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, ensuring clarity about the required procedures and associated costs. Treatment options may vary based on clinical necessity and individual preferences.

Endodontic referrals

Our Endodontists are delighted to be able to treat your NHS patients using Individual Funding Requests (IFRs) which we can assist with.

Case Study

Clinical case – Intentional replantation of a lower left second molar associated with a large periapical cyst-like lesion

A 44-year-old male with no contributing medical history was referred for an endodontic evaluation of teeth from the mandibular left quadrant.

A preoperatory radiograph revealed that the LL6 presented with what appeared to be a well-adapted full coverage crown, substandard root canal fillings, apical resorption of the distal root and associated periapical radiolucencies.

In the case of the LL7, a complex configuration of the root canal system – C shaped anatomy – was noted, as well a large associated periapical radiolucency. Coronally, LL7 presented with a large coronal restoration with radiographic signs of secondary decay. The pulpal diagnosis was that of a previously root treated tooth for LL6 and of pulp necrosis for LL7, while both teeth shared the same periapical diagnosis: symptomatic apical periodontitis.

A discussion of treatment going forward was initiated with the patient. All options, with both advantages and disadvantages, were discussed.

The agreed treatment plan included the restorability assessment of LL7 and if restorable, root canal therapy for both LL6 and LL7. In the eventuality that one or both treatments would fail, apical surgery (LL6) or intentional replantation (LL7) were suggested.

All procedures – endodontic, restorative and surgical – were performed exclusively with the aid of a dental operating microscope. The root canal treatments and the immediate adhesive coronal restorations were performed in two separate sessions and they were uneventful. Arrangements to review the case after one year were made.

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