A Custom Made Mouthguard Will Protect Your Child's Smile


Hartog Bespoke Mouthguards are Designed Specifically for Children and Adults in Contact and Combat Sports.

Mouthguards are an essential piece of kit for anyone who plays contact and combat sports including rugby and hockey amongst others.  Did you know that your child is 55% more likely to suffer a serious tooth related injury if they do not wear a protective mouthguard?  With this in mind, it’s paramount that you protect yourself and your child from any possible dental injury such as a chipped or cracked tooth or even tooth loss.

You may have heard of custom made mouthguards, but perhaps you are asking yourself ‘what is the difference between that and a shop bought one?’

There are lots of mouthguards available, the cheapest of which are the boil and bite ones that can be bought in sports shops or chemists.  These boil and bite mouthguards can be poor fitting and inhibit the wearer’s ability to talk clearly.  They often encourage a gag reflex due to the guard’s ability to move around in the mouth too easily, which makes the child much less likely to wear it and keep it in!  Our promise is to deliver a guard that fits perfectly.

 The benefits of having a professionally made guard from one of our highly trained and experienced dentists include:

  • They are a perfect fit and therefore comfortable to wear
  • They do not cause you to gag or wretch
  • Prevent laceration as they act as a shield between the tissues of your lips
  • Allow easy breathing and improved speech
  • Provide a secure fit that stays in place during impact
  • Resistant to irritation of sensitive gums
  • Opposite teeth do not risk intense contact with one another
  • Reduced risk and severity of dental injuries
  • Can be made to fit over braces
  • Increase wearers compliance due to comfort and individual styling.


All mouthguards made and supplied by Hartog Dental are custom made to your individual requirements by our dentists and dental nurses.  We provide our own children and lots of our friend’s children with these bespoke mouthguards and have first-hand experience of how safe, comfortable to wear and fun they are!

Mouthguards come with name tags, boxes and instructions for use as standard.

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