We believe that every member of the team plays a part in contributing to the high standards of care that our patients receive.

We are very fortunate to have a group of exceptional individuals looking after our patients who bring with them a range of post-graduate qualifications and experience. Working closely together as a team means that we can draw on their diverse expertise and specialisms to bring you and your family the very best dental care possible.

We believe that every member of the team plays a part in contributing to the high standards of care that our patients receive. Through this team our aim is to have a holistic approach to your dental care, providing an extensive range of specialist and cosmetic treatments on site in Alresford in addition to your routine dental requirements. At different times in your and your family’s lives you will benefit from access to very different and specialist areas of dental care. In teenage years it could be orthodontics and braces; in your adult life it could be implants to fill gaps, teeth whitening or even six month smile makeovers; and in more senior years it may be dentures or special brushing techniques for arthritis. Our team provides all of this and much more in our three practices in Alresford, Botley and Twyford.

We are extremely proud that as a result of our approach we were nominated for the Best Team award at the Private Dentistry Awards in 2012.

I think this is testament to our philosopy.

Currently welcoming new patients in Botley, Alresford and Twyford.

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    All three of our practices are open for those patients who feel they can get to us safely.

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