We have some wonderful things said about us:

Hearing from patients and families about their experience at Hartog makes us proud. Thank you!

  • Best dentists ever, wish I'd come here before. Recommended xx


  • Help beyond the normal expectation! Well done!!

    Betty Goldie

  • Mehdi, thank you... you are FAB-U-LOUS. Thank you for your attention to detail and for listening to any concerns.


  • A marvellous practice. All the staff are professional and caring, it is a pleasure to come here, well done everyone.

    Beverly Morgan

  • Thank you so much for sorting my tooth. Tobi-Jane was just amazing. I don't think I've had somebody so attentive and reassuring when I've been in the chair. Looking forward to coming back in a few weeks.


  • The best dental practice I have ever been to, excellent treatment and support, the best care and help over and above the necessary, thank you!

    Caroline Patterson

  • Rebecca renders a trip to the dentist vastly easier! Excellent treatment, a very satisfied patient.

    David Roberts

  • Lovely smiling receptionist, nice welcome. Xx


  • A wonderful dental practice, always patient and friendly. I feel very relaxed and happy after my visit. Brilliant staff, best dentist!!! Thank you

    Elizabeth Meggs

  • The only time in my whole life I've enjoyed coming to the dentist. Olivia has been so good and understanding, its almost like coming to see an old friend. I look forward to my next visit- a big thank you to everyone.


  • Coming here is a pleasure!

    Jeanne and Terry Hiscock

  • Thank you very much for looking after my teeth and gums. I really appreciate your effort! Thanks Mehdi!


  • I have recently come to the end of some fairly lengthy dental work involving the placement of an implant. I have nothing but praise for Becca and her team. At every stage of the work the care was exemplary. I would have no hesitation in recommending this practice to anyone.

    Judi McGetrick

  • Advice and care was so thorough. It certainly has improved things for me. Thankyou all x

    Botley patient

  • Thank you, this is the only dental practice to have a filling, almost a pleasure, thank you again Becca.

    Judith Sergeant

  • Many thanks Anna and Trudy for making me feel so relaxed.

    Jane G

  • Will miss my visits to such a splendid practice with lovely caring people that have taken great care of me from the first consultation. Thank you to you all.

    Karen Wood

  • Thank you all for your guidance.

    Logina Boczon

  • Very good personal care, friendly and reassuring, thank you to all the team.

    Mrs Pain and the Pain family

  • Very high standard of care and wonderful staff as usual, look forward to seeing you next year!

    Karen W

  • Thank you for all your fantastic work and care! You have a great team here.

    Rob Carter

  • Love coming here every 3 months to sit in a really comfortable chair and catch up with news!! Thank you for your caring attention.

    Robin Patterson

  • Excellent as usual, very friendly and helpful and they don’t hurt!

    Sally Giles

  • Thank you Beryl! What a lovely lady and my teeth feel 100% better.

    Sophie Martin

  • Thank you for a warm and reassuring welcome.

    Valerie Seymour

  • Thank you for the kind and reassurance during my treatment great time keeping too!

    Suzy Roberts

  • Thank you for all being so lovely!

    Valerie Kennedy